Missions are part of the DNA of our church. Upon his beginning, our pastor devoted more than 6 years of service to God in the mission field of the jungles of Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. Forty years later, his commitment to this outreach work is still alive. For this reason, we support and regularly visit churches in different low-income areas of Central and South America.


Guatemala is a special country that we have already visited 12 times. We have eight churches, a pastoral house, a missionary house, and a comedor (feeding center) for 20 children. The goal we have for 2020 is to arrange the missionary house to rent it for seminars and trips. The funds will help support the work in that area.

costa rica

We started a plan in three cities to rescue children and young people from the streets.


In the city of Medellin, Colombia, 250 underprivileged children received gifts and food. Ninety parents received the Lord and had a time of ministry and teaching with a word of love and hope for their lives.


In Cuba, we provide support to 10 churches in the areas of Las Tunas, Havana, Bayamo Granma, Santa Clara, Camagüey since 1999. We have already been to the island seven times, and every time we go, we see growth but also a lot of need. The goal we have for 2020 is to buy a camp for children.


In Matagalpa, we support a church, that we have visited already six times, consisting of approximately 50 adults and 60 children. In 2020, we want to open a feeding center for 40 children. Since 2009, we maintain a church of similar size in Puerto Cabezas.

In 2011, we built a pastoral house, in 2012 a feeding center for 50 children, and in 2014, we built a school for 75 children. The goal for 2020 is to fence the property for added security.


Desde hace 14 años tenemos iglesias en Argentina, las cuales son lideradas por el pastor Carlos Schmitt desde la ciudad de Campana en las afueras de Buenos Aires. En Tucumán y Mendoza tenemos iglesias que hacen una labor muy especial en algunas de las zonas más podrs de este bello país.

Dominican republic

Since 2017, we have supported a church in the Santa Ana area, Monte Plata, which we already have visited twice. Around 50 adults and 70 children come to this church, and the goal for the year 2020 is to buy land to build the church there.