Our mission is to form strong pillars, marriages trained under biblical principles with the purpose of fostering healthy families, with stable values and that are influential in their communities. Our ministry has multiple events, retreats, workshops and activities for healthy recreation. We have marriage counseling and premarital workshops for future marriages.

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Obra de teatro

Llega a Miami “PA CALZONES Y CALZONCILLOS” un espectáculo lleno de buen humor que nos hará reír sin parar de las situaciones cotidianas que surgen en la relación de pareja. Una comedia que te hará reflexionar en el mes del amor y la amistad.
“Desconocer las diferencias entre el hombre y la mujer puede desencadenar la tercera guerra mundial”


“I came to Alpha & Omega in January 2020 when I was going through a difficult situation in my marriage. I remember that the first day I attended one of the services tears were streaming down my face nonstop. I felt like I was born again. At first, I went alone, then I took my two children. I started to grow spiritually and today I am already in the first year of IBAO! To the Glory of God, after a few months my husband began to congregate as well. Every Friday and Sunday that we go to church we feel like family. It is impressive to see how the power of God can transform a marriage when you are in the right place. Thank you Pastor Delgado and the entire Alpha & Omega congregation!”.

Teresa Pena Hernández

Marriage Classes

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We are here to pray and believe with you. God has an answer for you.