Our History

The Alpha & Omega Bible Institute (IBAO by its initials in the English language) opened its doors in 1990 as a response to a vision that Pastor Alberto Delgado received from God to teach his church solid foundations of the Word, with the purpose of training it to fulfill its mission on earth.

To date we have graduated almost a thousand students; many of them are exercising their calling as pastors, teachers and prophets inside and outside our local church, others have been called to the mission field or to exercise different leadership positions within the Body of Christ.

The Alpha & Omega Institute has been an instrument in the hands of God to perfect the saints and build up the body of Christ for more than three decades.

IBAO has a complete program of study of the Books of the Bible, as well as the fundamental doctrines of our faith, likewise, we offer complementary classes that will help the student to apply the knowledge received. The study program consists of 24 subjects distributed over three academic years.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers, most of them graduates of our Biblical Institute and with extensive experience in the ministerial field.

Study with us!


Offers a complete program of biblical studies, as well as other courses that will help the student to apply the information and knowledge received not only to their lives, but also to touch the lives of others, making them establishers of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

We are here to pray and believe with you. God has an answer for you.