Getting in the Word

This morning I was reading Psalm 86 for breakfast. As I was reading it, verse 11 jumped out at me. It says: “Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear Your Name.” As I pondered this verse, it just reaffirmed to me the importance of what I was doing: Reading the Bible. It is crucial for us as Christ-followers, to get in the Word.

How else is God going to teach us His Way, so that we can walk in His Truth? The only way is through studying His Word. It is God’s Love Letter to us. It is the instruction manual for life.

And because it is, we need to dedicate our lives to study it.  It needs to be the priority in our lives. Yet many times, we are distracted by the noise of the world. Many things in life try grabbing our attention, and our time in the Word gets put on the backburner. It’s the distraction of everyday life.

But that is when we need to pray the Psalmist’s prayer that says, “Unite my heart to fear Your Name…”  That we would pray, Lord, Unite my heart with a passion for You. Lord, give me a passion for Your Word.

There is no greater investment that we can make with our lives than having a lifetime commitment to studying it.  I encourage you to get in the Word daily, and you will be Blessed because you did.

Let the Lost Be Found.