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How can we help you?

Divine Sanity Center

The Prayer and Divine Sanity Center started in our church on April 2011 with the purpose of impart teachings to strengthen the faith of the believer to receive global sanity. Among them are the Justification, the Identity with God, Meditation and Prayer. Our center works during the fourth week of each month, totally free for the public. Come and participate of a week full of power here in Alpha & Omega.

Christian Orientation

In Alpha & Omega we count with a group of capable pastors and leaders to guide our members in times of need. We are conscious of the difficult times we live in, that is why, we believe that it is vital to take care of the emotional health of our people ministering biblical advices and the power of the Holy Spirit into their lives.

This support program is a free and open service to the community to help people with emotional and spiritual need inside a confidential and unconditional love environment. It is made up of 12 face-to-face or on-line weekly lessons. If you have addiction, depression or co-dependence problems just participate entering you data as follows:

The “Seeds of Life Foundation” programs offer a variety of services, assisting women in the step-by-step process of healing and restoration, from Crisis Intervention to Educational Assistance for young women aging out of the Temporary Foster Care. “Seeds of Life” is committed to seeing families restored and communities transformed; eradicate the effects of violence, abuse and neglect for all generations to come.


We value marriage because we believe it is a covenant that reflects God’s commitment and faithfulness to the Church, His bride. That is why at Alpha & Omega we offer you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in our facilities and receive pre-marital classes as a requirement. For more information and reservation of dates, contact our offices.


In our church we have a pastoral team that is in charge of officiating funerals and providing support to family members who have lost a loved one. We also have support programs that can help you deal with the loss of a family member. For more information about this special service, contact our offices.

We are here to pray and believe with you. God has an answer for you.