Believing God Devotional

But the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times… Joshua 6:4

There are times in life when God’s instruction doesn’t make sense. Sure, it makes sense in the dimension of eternity, but from our perspective, it’s “a screen door on a submarine.

“When thinking about this kind of scenario, I am reminded of the time when God gave instructions to Joshua on how the children of Israel were to take the mighty city of Jericho.  

God could have called fire and brimstone down from heaven and made the place an instant ash heap. But instead, He gave instructions that would cause anyone’s logic to rebel. I know what mine would have said: “This is dumb; this makes no sense.” But what an opportunity this was for them to trust God.

Again, as we go through life, God is committed to building us up into being people of faith. He desires to do great work in our hearts, that as a result, we would come to a place that we don’t trust in what we see or what our minds tell us, but we just simply believe God.

God could have just given Abraham and Sarah the promise of the child and then delivered it 9 months later. However, He did not. He was interested in making them into people of faith. And it wasn’t until more than a quarter of a century later that the promise finally came to pass. It was a done deal the moment they received it, but then came the process that happens in the life of faith. There is the process of learning to trust God and believe Him, even when what He has told us makes no sense.

How about you? Has God spoken something to you that seems so ridiculous it is laughable? Perhaps something that might seem humanly impossible from your mind’s eye? I say, what an opportunity to believe God. What an opportunity for us to grow in our faith. Believe! Be stretched! Be Blessed!

Let the Lost Be Found.