Throughout the WORLD there are thousands of PEOPLE who SUFFER from needs that are continuously OVERLOOKED. This growing number of people is the one that JESUS calls us to SUPPORT as if we were doing it for HIMSELF.

“I tell you the truth: every time you did something for my humblest brothers, you also did it for me

Matthew 25:40


1. Welcome kit.

2. You will be part of the beautiful group of Sowers with Purpose where your sowing will help God’s work not to stop, but continue to increase.

3. We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to each sower and for this reason we will pray every day for each member so that their barns are greatly overflowing.

4. Once a month our Pastors Alberto and Mariam Delgado will do a private zoom with their sowers.

5. You will receive a monthly newsletter exclusively prepared for you.

6. We will send you an annual report with all your contributions (tax-deductible).

7. You can also enjoy special discounts on all our products and events, both face-to-face and virtual.

It develops as a strong association of faithful who serve in the kingdom to attend to the great commission, reaching nations and communities with the great love of God.

You have the opportunity to join GOD’S DREAM with us and bring the message of love to the little ones of Jesus who have been overlooked. Give the world the answer it needs. BECOME A SOWER WITH PURPOSE TODAY.


To sow faithfully, having the certainty that we do not give to the Lord, but that we return what He has already given us.


To be a platform to serve as support, sustenance and outreach to those most in need.



With your contributions we have reached Guatemala, Nicaragua, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Cuba

21 churches

3 Mission Houses

2 dining rooms where more than 70 children are fed

1 School with more than 80 children

We are here to pray and believe with you. God has an answer for you.