About us

Our Vision

Reaching the world with the message of faith

We exist to reach the world with the message of Faith, establishing the culture of the Kingdom and discipling souls for Christ.

Our Foundations and Values

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the Word inspired by God. (2 Timothy 3:16). 

The Trinity

We believe in a Triune God: Three distinct persons but only one true God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (1 John 5:7)


We believe in redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ.
(Romans 3:23-25; Ephesians 2:8)

Eternal Life

We believe in eternal life and a new birth. (John 3:3-5)



We believe in water baptism. The believer must be baptized because of his faith and obedience to God. (Romans 6:4)


The Holy Spirit

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the speaking in other tongues as visible evidence. (Acts 19:1-7)


Holy Communion

We believe in taking Holy Communion regularly in remembrance of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. (Luke 22:7-20)



We believe in Divine Healing. Healing for the soul and the body is provided through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. (Isaiah 53:4)



We believe in marriage as the first institution created by God, formed by the union of a man and a woman. (Genesis 2:24)


Ours Values


Christ is the foundation, the cornerstone on which Alpha & Omega Church builds its vision.

(Ephesians 2:20)


Everyone at Alpha & Omega is a member of the body of Christ, each with different gifts, talents, and callings, but united by the same Spirit, the same faith, the same Savior, and the same vision.

(Ephesians 4:3-6)


At all times in Alpha & Omega, whether in public and private, being promoted or disciplined, we work with righteousness, honesty, and justice, according to the principles established in the Word of God.

(Titus 2:7-8)


We are faithful to the assignment that God has entrusted to us by becoming part of Alpha & Omega. We fulfill our task with commitment and excellence.

(Revelation 17:14)



We are loyal and grateful to God, our pastors, our leaders, and co-workers, understanding that we are children of the same God and brethren in the Faith.

(1 Samuel 26:23)


At Alpha & Omega, we show appreciation, regard, and respect to all of us who are part of this body for our virtues, merits, and position.

(1 Samuel 2:30)


We live submission as a principle of life established in the Word of God that leads us to act with a corporeal vision and keeps us from acting independently of God, our pastors, our leaders, and our brothers.

(Romans 13:1)


We persevere with firmness, dedication, and determination in every strategy that the Spirit reveals to us for the fulfillment of our vision. We advance in the fulfillment of our assignment, turning each obstacle into an opportunity for conquest and expansion.

(James 1:25)


At Alpha & Omega, we are willing to give ourselves as well as from what the Father has provided us to help those who need it without expecting anything in return, except that the kind nature of Christ is manifested through our giving.

(1 Timothy 6:18-19)

Ours Pastors

Pastors Alberto and Mariam Delgado are characterized by being authentic, lively, and persevering. Together, they founded Alpha & Omega Church in 1985, which began in a simple tent assembled for each service in Miami’s Tamiami Park. After years of many efforts and together with a group of leaders who are still part of the church, they devoted themselves fully to preaching the message of faith, discipling hundreds of souls for Christ, and forming leaders all while they raised their children Alberto and Veronica.

Through faith, perseverance, and the grace of God, Alpha & Omega Church has become one of the first mega-churches in the city of Miami, and Pastors Alberto and Mariam Delgado are among the most influential Hispanic pastors in the States United and Latin America.

Today, 35 years after that first service at Tamiami Park, Pastors Delgado are exemplary in the local and international community. They have written multiple books of teachings. They are television and radio hosts and have received numerous recognitions for their contributions to the community. They currently reach more than one million people through their combined social media and positively influence the lives of thousands of people through initiatives such as I AM MORE by Pastor Mariam. And in the case of Pastor Delgado, serve as a Hispanic advisor to President Donald Trump on matters concerning Christian values.

Despite the levels of great influence and recognition achieved by Pastors Delgado, it is clear that they are of a young and candid spirit, and what they enjoy most in their spare time is to share time with their four grandchildren.

Dr. Alberto Delgado
Mariam Delgado

Dr. Alberto Delgado

Pastor Alberto Delgado celebrates 40 years of ministry in 2020. His mentor and teacher was Dr. Kenneth Hagin, founder of Rhema Bible Training Center, where he also graduated in 1979. Later, he earned a Doctorate in Theology from Logos Christian University. At the age of fourteen, he was separated from his parents in Cuba as part of a mass exodus of minors called Operation Peter Pan. Things didn’t go as his parents expected, and Alberto went to an orphanage in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Trying to survive in a difficult world, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Vietnam War. As an adult, he began working as a medical visitor and later devoted himself to music, being the lead singer of a group in the city of Chicago. At that stage, he had a personal encounter with Jesus while alone in his hotel room. His heart was so impacted with God’s love, that from that moment, he devoted his life entirely to ministry. His first years of service to God were devoted entirely to missions, dedicating more than 6 years in the jungles of Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize. He later founded the Alpha & Omega Church in the city of Miami.

Presently, Pastor Alberto Delgado is an advisor to President Donald Trump and has earned several recognitions for his contribution to the Hispanic community of South Florida, including the Key to the City of Miami. Delgado is the host of the radio and television program Todo Es Posible (Everything Is Possible), which broadcasts both locally and internationally and the author of several books such as Hazme Justicia, Divorciado ¿Soy Culpable?, and his most recent one Breaking Soul Ties.

Mariam Delgado

Mariam Delgado is a woman who is passionate about God. Although born in Cuba, she grew up in Puerto Rico with her Lebanese parents. Her drive, perseverance, and steadfast faith are evident in everything she does. She currently hosts the television program Al Día Con Mariam (Day To Day With Mariam), which broadcasts nationally on MegaTV. She helps women victims of domestic violence through her Seeds of Life Foundation and also directs the I Am More movement, which empowers women from all over the world through conferences, teachings, and social media. Pastor Mariam is actively involved in the ministry of Alpha & Omega Church and has written books such as Mantente en Línea, Confesiones Diarias Para Una Vida Exitosa, and her most recent with Pastor Alberto Delgado, Breaking Soul Ties.


We are here to pray and believe with you. God has an answer for you.